Use Mac computers and work with the repeated application of the long-term causes of the loss of the efficiency of the system, each time a new application is installed or an update of the old data and No application will remain on the system, as long as the browser, the Internet is the most used, stored files from the Internet, the so-called Cache and fuller more regularly, and after a while due to the high intensity of the additional files and without the use of speed and drop it difficult to work with, in this case, most users tend to Windows re-install to get the same basic functionality, while maintaining to solve this problem and do not need and clean up your system regularly To reinstall the operating system.

CCleaner is a very powerful operating system cleans and removes the extra files without the application, the program is now over 500 million active users around the world, is a powerful and at the same time simple available to users of Keep your system clean and fast like the first day.

Key features  CCleaner:
– Cleans temporary files and use
– Delete additional files, software tools.
– Clean the parts of the types of browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome.
– Cleans traces of deleted files.
– Clean Windows Registry for any additional information.
– Uninstall feature fully installed applications.
– Ability to manage Startup.
– Ability to manage Addon installed browsers.
– Advanced search files with File Finder.
– The ability to permanently delete files from Drive Wiper.
– Low volume and high speed application.
– Light and very low system resource allocation.
– Support of Windows.
– Beautiful user interface software is also free.

Is it safe to use this software?
One of the problems that users have with this software optimizer that cleans the system by most Windows applications, they suffer and instead of a Windows program has will be useful, goes down, the user, it is the weakness of the software that is causing these problems, but the software CCleaner by Piriform made of experts from the company and have tested the accuracy of all programs, it is completely safe to use critical and any files, Windows It therefore can not be removed or programs to safely use this program.
Even the Registry Cleaner program is completely safe and secure, and if the 1% doubt that removes some information to a deterioration of the system, which eliminates a second time.

Outstanding features of this app?
– The distinctive features of the program can be cited to support a range of common software, this program supports over 1000 program for Mac that allows you to get your system to the best possible optimized any Additional delete your files.

– Advanced management capabilities Startup feature of the program is that it allows you to get a completely accurate and intelligent that when the additional programs and run the system to manage to take system speed.

– Another nice feature is the ability to manage a variety of browser software that allows you to make various Addon and Extension, remove or disable.

– Driver Wiper feature enables you to repeat all or just deeply cleans disk space to Recover the data is impossible.

– Advanced search capabilities files with File Finder, delete and manage installed applications System Restore from other distinctive features of the program that has led to the popularity of this program is much more than other similar programs.

Presented different versions of the program and with each other:
It is published in several different editions, each with its own characteristics that describe each discussed here.

Version Free: This version of the program is free and is available for all home users.

Version Professional: This version of the free version is not much different than it is superior only in three specific features.
1. Monitor the browser feature: This feature allows you to close the browser after each session, all information is automatically deleted.

2. Support for All Users Cleaning: The normal program allows you to additional information and use only delete user or User and User’s other information on normal mode can not delete, which in this version of User support all well placed.

3. Ability to Auto Update: This feature allows you to update your software without user intervention and is completely Silent.

Note: The Professional version is recommended only for people who have more than one system is User Account, if you’re a user of your system, you do not have the Professional version and Free version will suffice.

Version 3. Business: The Professional version is the same version as the facilities are not any different, just use this version in small companies and organizations, this version of the program includes technical support urgent than the other versions.

4. Release Technician: This version is the same version of Business and the only difference is only in its portability, this version of the program for technicians who need to carry with you always.

5. Release Network: The Professional version is the version of the same program, the only difference in the support of of computers, this version of the program that allows you to see all computers on a network remotely wipe it.

6. Release Network Pro: This version of the Network is the advanced version, in addition to all the features of version Network, which includes Defraggler also allows to remote computers can all be Defrag.

Suggested settings for PC  :
Group PC download this software to keep clean your system is proposed.
We’ve all versions of the program to download all types of users to be able to use them, but we suggest to you is that if you’re going to use this software, if you have the only your system, Free versions of all features you but if several users of a system, you can activate the Professional version.

– Permanently delete the configuration file:
Options and Settings menu after installation we suggest you arrive at the destination, the Secure Deletion on the Secure file deletion and put it on Simple Overwrite.
Wipe Alternate Data Streams and Wipe Cluster Tips and double click it.

This setting will increase the security of your information is no longer possible to remove the files because after there Abbey.

– Enabling multi-user:
Professional Edition users who have downloaded and installed after the installation, you will need to enter in Options, and select All users Users of the mark.

– Use Winapp2:
Winapp2 a small file that uses the capabilities of the program several times, the path to the file copy software is installed, the program will add over 2000 new software program is much greater than normal and the power clean uses be Therefore proposal that the plugin is enabled.
After installing the plugin might take to run a program, but due to the progress that has been, is worth the wait.

Which parts do you need to clean up our sign?
One of the most common questions in this application is, which parts of the program, users must sign up to the program to remove them, the answer is that the check all cases due to a particular case problem and a danger system is threatens, Nhm The last option is to Wipe Free Space In Windows, this check does not have, or plan to spend a lot of time cleaning your disk space is deep.