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Surely all you want is a quality player and a high-power, high-quality experience, and listen to your music. To control the quality and sound of the audio and video are all the punch that you can make an impact with the sound being broadcast. software meets DFX Audio Enhancer requires you.
Software DFX Audio Enhancer is a powerful tool to capture the vibrations of digital music files. DFX Audio Enhancer is a plug-in application by which you can view all your music and sounds of the highest quality and the power to listen and to have fun. The DFX Audio Enhancer feature components using three-dimensional sound. Using 3d surround sound components, you can give the player a certain depth and amazing. This allows compensation for audio surveillance and restrictions due to data compression. The three-dimensional processing you actually feel yourself in the music. Enhanced 3D audio system with 2 speake
rs are. Dynamic Boost settings or just enjoy the dynamic loudness boost. Using Dynamic Boost your sound system without losing quality by minimizing distortion levels will double. Other features of this plugin Modes for speakers and headphones.

A key feature of the software DFX Audio Enhancer:
– Ability to backup and play individual patterns Abbey 
– 10 band audio spectrum analyzer
– Supports Surround
– Advanced DSP audio
– Support of all media players
– Optimize sound speakers and headphones
– Audio processing power mode
– A beautiful shell
– Backup and Restore Presets
– Space Saving Mini-mode Interface
– The user interface is simple and easy
– And the …