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Applications Adobe InDesign, which is another great software has many typographical and layout features, which is more based on sharing photos and videos and to progress in the design portfolio is built. One of the features of the software for Mac that create long documents such as books and magazines working with multiple users with the possibility of using nested style and color and the use of text variables and so on.
In the course of teaching of Creating Long Documents with InDesign you will learn how to create a long text by multiple users.

Headlines training of:
– Use text variables
– Create templates for InDesign, InCopy and Word
– Use nested styles
– Create a style of grep
– The Mac that change colors
– Build Widget book houses and plots
– Create grep find / change
– How to use workflow Incopy
– Track changes
– Add footnotes and indexes
– Use InDesign book files
– Documentation provided with the text version
– Use preflighting documents
– Archiving project
– Find and install scripts and plug-ins useful for repetitive tasks
– And …