Download Creative Quick Tips Tutorial Series - quick and creative techniques in Photoshop and Illustrator courses
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Course Creative Quick Tips: From May 2014 To July 2014 added!
Course Creative Quick Tips: From August 2014 To October 2014 added!
Course Creative Quick Tips: From November 2014 To December 2014 added!

In this century digital world of graphic design as well as software design techniques and tricks encounter each specific projects designed to better finishing with creations are included. The designers of the product offer Adobe’s Photoshop and Illustrator to learn computer design tools that are powerful tools for each of them the Mac that have provided the most creative tricks.
Courses training includes a set of Creative Quick Tips video short training tips and techniques in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator software are useful. The monthly courses are classified and reported by Linda site.

Titles teaching of courses from August 2013 to October 2013:
– Use the Mac animals Layer Style in Photoshop
– Convert to Shape Layers Illustrator artwork
– Use the Text Warp in software Illustrator
– Put the video files embedded in WordPress without the need for plug-ins
– Familiarity with Photoshop shortcuts
– Rotate objects in Illustrator
– Preferences settings in Photoshop
– Build a Twitter Avatar
– Define custom shortcuts in Photoshop
– And …

Training courses from November 2013 to January 2014:
– Making a picture for Facebook cover
– Introduction to Quick Links in WordPress
– Add icons to the website of Apple touch (for touch devices and applications)
– Create a grid of pixels
– The sampling colors in Photoshop
– The use of guidelines for the design in Illustrator
– Manage angular geometric shapes in Illustrator software
– Use Font Awesome design applications
– Use Camera Raw as a Smart Filter
– Align the various objects and manage their layout in Illustrator
– And …

Training courses from February 2014 to April 2014:
– Check Kuler Panel in Illustrator CC
– Use Adobe Kuler web features for working with colors in Illustrator
– Draw complex shapes in Illustrator
– Set the background color of documents (artboard) in Illustrator
– Use Photoshop and Illustrator for writing CSS
– Construction site objects in Illustrator
– Control the distance between the objects in Illustrator
– Work with the WordPress Plugin
– Use Glyphs Panel in Illustrator
– And …