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Ms. Lindsay Adler in the training details about the types of human organs, basic principles and techniques for the different states of body and gesture speaks of photography, to explore different strategies photographs the right way and the wrong operation of each model and each gesture with a detailed statement to be recorded entirely in the viewer’s mind and also provide various models of the Mac that provides the photographer to easily learn and implement a different gesture.
As well as provide strategies to teach you how to prepare your audience to pose specific Grftnhay and then also some technical issues, such as choosing the correct camera and lens shooting each model is also covered.
CreativeLive a large and reputable company in the field of vocational training photography and video was filmed for many years engaged in the production and supply of educational videos in various fields of photography.

During the training, the CreativeLive Posing 101 teaching principles and techniques you will learn to pose.

Topics include:
– Familiarity with different gestures photography the bride and groom, children, man, woman, family, individual, group and …
– Understanding the different strategies Photos operation of each model
– Prepare the model to pose in different modes
– Photographic technical issues (such as choosing the right camera and lens photography of each model)
– And …