Download CreativeLive Studio Lighting 101 - training in photography studio lighting

Much of the effectiveness of image, due to the work is the lighting. It should be noted that lighting is one of the most important elements for success in photography is. It does not lessen the importance of the subject of what a great landscape or a portrait face, light can make or break a photo and the photographer must always keep in mind the brightness and the angle of the light. After identifying the types of light and how we each use will be very important.
During the training, the CreativeLive Studio Lighting 101 you are familiar with the techniques of lighting in photography.

Headlines training of:
– Understanding the basics of shutter speed, exposure, flash, white balance, inverse square law
– Lighting patterns
– The quality of light and light correction tools such as Diffusion and Grid, Umbrellas, Softboxes
– Introduction to Lighting equipment in the studio shooting
– 10 common mistakes Lighting
– Solve 12 common problem in Studio Lighting
– Portrait Lighting
– And …