If you are a cricket fan or fans should know this game in the same style Blockhole Games for Android has been released by the company. Now, in this game you Mdryryt and coaching a team of 11 persons will be responsible cricket team to run and play with other competitors. Cricket is a popular sport in many countries including England, Australia, India and many others that have attracted many fans. The game also will be able to sign contracts with players and coaches give him. Play the video above and will be well simulated sport cricket.
– Development of a game so that the player is now a level 2 and above are invited to national team
– Recruiting staff, physiotherapy, functional analysts and many others
– Play in Tours, Tours International, World Cup Cricket
– Provides various graphs and statistics
– Negotiate contracts with cricket clubs around the world
– Management Sponsors
– Track record of his achievements Players
– Submit your player information online and compete with other players around the world