Download Crossbow Warrior: The Legend of William Tell - the game Crossbow: Warrior Legend of William Tell

Crossbow Warrior: The Legend of William Tell one of the game action and adventure genre by MobyDick Games designed and marketed by the company Scherrer Medien GmbH for PC’s. The story is in this way that you pay to play the role of William Tell, who bears the title of national champion. In this game you have to novel Gessler and his soldiers to fight and win this competition because of failure in the Mac be your son endanger life. Your journey by crossing the Swiss Alps and cities, explore the mountains and ride on the boat start. But the game will not be a simple and Gessler and avenge his defeat will not change anything. The graphics are stunning and inspiring music, 29 exciting levels, supporting the complete control and experience beyond the life story of William Tell only Part of the unique features of the game.