Download CSS Fundamentals - teaching CSS

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet means Cascading Style Sheets, and to format and layout, define text style (such as font type, color and size), table size and other aspects of the web pages that have only one page in the HTML file declaration is used. CSS can be repeated by some sections of the site or the HTML tags will be ignored. CSS also defines some values ​​so that these values ​​are repeated for all fields and thus to reduce the size of the pages involved. In other words, CSS layouts, and visualize simple to display web pages. Cascading patterns of markup languages, structured text, and within each computer, waterfall, and repeated instructions for how to display a web page is added.

During the training of basic CSS Fundamentals are the key features of CSS are familiar.

Headlines training of:
– Identification of the main selector and base
– Integration with HTML CSS
– Evaluation of different browsers rendering
– Check features CSS
– The basic concepts
– Introduction to CSS3
– Change the text color, wallpaper, etc.
– Set margins
– And …