– Ability to create up to 32 virtual drives
– Create a virtual drive to run games and applications without the need for CD and DVD
– Run games and applications SafeDisc and SecuROM protected and simulate different types of locks and LaserLock and LockBlocks and StarForce
– Supports most popular formats like CUE and Bin and CCD Image and ISO, NRG and PDI and B5T and BWT and CDI and MDS and MDF and ISZ, etc.
– Mount the Image feature in a specific folder
– The Rip the audio CD and Games
– Ability to prepare Image of CD and DVD with lock
– Full support of SPTD and iSCSI
– Mount the ability to drive IDE
– Elegant and simple user interface
– Supports all versions of Windows

Password Protected Lock disc:
Most CD and DVD sold in the market has been copied locks to prev

ent, for example, disks, CDs, computer games and learning the language and many other things, to the fact that these disks are able to run on other systems or on disk Available in hard copy is required to pass the locks for all the hard work just to get an Image of the simulation of the locks on the system’s contents of the disk can access, Ashampoo could security layers like SecuROM and SafeDisk current market and so-called passing the disc to break the lock.

Of course, the above includes disc movies , video discs, not because they are of different locking systems for the transmission of software like AnyDVD, etc. are used, DAEMON Tools Image files are usually used with a dealing.

– This software is generally available in 5 E

dit the remaining non-free except one are, in this picture you can see the different versions.

– In the download , the complete version of the Ultra Lite is the free version is also recommended that you use the Ultra Edition.

– SPTD, which is a small plug SCSI hard drives and simulation is used to access, this plugin does not exist by default in the Ultra version, while the Lite version of the plugin is installed automatically.
This extension is necessary to defeat some of locks such as SecuROM, it is recommended that you install the plugin, this plugin is available separately in the download section. Note also the fact that after you install the plugin once Restart the system.