Debian Linux is a free operating system for your computer. An operating system is a set of  -based and a of the computer you are setting up. Debian is no more than a crude operating system. Debian comes with over 29000 packages, compiled software that is properly formatted and easy to install on your system is ready, will be released. The basic intent of this project is that all products must be free. Free software is software that can be freely and without limitation, any order can be used, studied, and modified. Also, copying, or redistribution (either no change or some changes in the software), free and unrestricted or with minimal restrictions (software only to ensure that further recipients also benefit from the freedom hardware producers which deals with consumer hardware allows users to make changes in his or her own hard), respectively. It should be noted that Debian is a Linux distribution such as Ubuntu and many other distributions that have been adapted.

A key feature of the operating system Debian Linux:
– Using the GNU kernel
– Stability and high security
– With more than 29,000
– Have the installed on and servers
– Completely Free
– And …