Deep Freeze Enterprise v8.21.220.4760 + Server v8.20.270.4750 + Standard v8.10.020.4579
Faronics Deep Freeze is one of the company’s products. This software all software changes after a Restart the computer returns to its previous state. No matter which configuration changes made ​​by the user or program and viruses Windows are infected, simply restart your computer until all changes back to its original state.
To use this software you do not need to have any type of expertise and information just need to do the installation of the program. If Windows is unable to return it clean and it does not occupy disk space and anything else interesting that after installing the program and until it is speed up your computer not detract and even in some cases it has been seen that it adds some speed.

Absolute and real security against hackers, viruses, spyware, worms, bugs software , in any format, including vandalism to erase unwanted files and folders, system settings, application settings, configuration of network , hardware and software configurations suitable for use in training workshops, schools, cafes, universities, and private use are made. Now, more than five million computers worldwide are equipped with Deep Freeze.
The software version of the Standard, Professional and Enterprise is produced, the version presented here is the most complete version of the Enterprise.

A key feature of the software Deep Freeze:
Security and Control
– Administrator settings are encrypted with a custom code
– Up to 15 different password for Workstation are adjustable to three positions before their expiration date and can be used to define the
– Production of a daily disposable or password
– Ability to disable the optional mouse and keyboard when performing maintenance Mlythay

The MAC IP setting
– Production of pre-configured installation file
– Set the drive Freeze and Thaw before
– Timing for automatic restart or shut Don computer
– Set to shutdown after a period of unemployment
– Set the time to get out of the freezer and automatic Windows updates or update antivirus definitions and …

– Create a virtual drive that can be put to Save the files and programs that you want to use
– Adjust the volume and file system virtual drive – FAT, FAT32 NTFS –
– Icon Tray Deep Freeze 6.0 is observed or not
– Set the Remote Console or the Command Line
– Centralized management