Download Deke's Techniques 326-350 - Photoshop and Illustrator techniques, instructional videos 326 to 350
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Videos of Education of Deke’s Techniques unique collection of projects Photoshop and Illustrator, the methods and tricks creative in their work and Deke McClelland (graphic famous and dominant softwarefor graphics of Adobe) each This unique training in less than 10 minutes to show you step by step. The purpose of this tutorial showing how to combine various features of Photoshop and Illustrator software for unique projects and innovative designs and more.

Headlines training of:
– Masking a cartoon against a new background
– Shading and sharpening a cartoon
– Design of a Möbius strip in Illustrator
– Create a Penrose triangle (Penrose triangle)
– Play Blue missing details Photos
– Hand drawing (tied in a fist)
– Change the color gradients in Illustrator
– Select Focus Area
– The integration of two-dimensional and three-dimensional images together in Photoshop
– Build a 3D shark in Photoshop
– Create a three-dimensional donut sweets in Illustrator
– Build a 3D golden ring in Illustrator
– And …