One of the architectural design, the use of specific techniques for modeling the location and surroundings of a building / structure that could potentially limit the allocation of space projects, total cost, and the owners are identified exterior and … the K- MAC is much smarter to take their decisions.
Sketches up (Sketch up) the application of a very simple and efficient three-dimensional, especially in the field of building construction and architectural design that was made ​​by Google. The software has many applications in architecture and civil engineering.
In the course of the Digital Tutors Conceptual Site Modeling With SketchUp and Google Earth you how to use Google Earth and SketchUp software to design the space around a structure met.

The titles :
– Introduction and project overview
– Prepare and check the location
– Modeling and the surrounding built form
– The design and location of Akstrvdyng
– Lay the ground in location modeling
– Working with Components 3D Warehouse
– Put the tree in the modeling space around structures
– Output from SketchUp model for Google Earth
– Shadow of the model
– And the …