Download Dirt Rally - Game Rally in the soil
(94/9/24) changes:
BlackBox compressed version was added.

Kdmstrz company at the time of the game Dirt Rally it was only released digitally, but it now seems that the company has changed his mind and physical version of the game has been released. Control of the game is harder version of previous versions and feature has been changed back to the rear. When your car is damaged during the tournament, you can use during the race engineers were hired to repair it. In the game progresses and promote engineers can fix your car faster. Carlo Movento with Ralymannd land, land races are very similar to the real world.

In addition, Mac- n- play multiplayer capabilities, such as in Norway and 3 new tracks new car DS3, Mini Countryman Rallycross and Subaru WRX STI have been added to the game. Full list Details of this update are as follows:
New track driving Norway
Rally Cross 2 new driver named Lian period, and Peter Salbvrg
Rainy for all tracks Rally Cross
3 new machine: DS3, Mini Countryman Rallycross and Subaru WRX STI
New daily events
Customization options Gamepad
The trial mode of the Co-Driver
A number that training new at loading pages are displayed
Negative score because of all the time it was received, removed and allowed driving time increased slightly
All the while driving the best record will show that you have experience
Take advantage of the clutch automated manual clutch
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