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Dolphin – Best Web Browser v11.5.5 Apk Download

Powerful browser Dolphin Browser Dolphin Browser for Android

Along with browser plugins and themes

With extremely high speed and indescribable

Added new version of Dolphin Browser Express

Dolphin Browser Express is one of the fastest and most Android browsers that allows you to upload web pages to the user. This environment software like Google Chrome, and for those who have previously used Chrome can communicate quickly with Dolphin Browser for Android.

Express Edition release full and complete application with all the features and extensions.

Dolphin Browser Express

Features :

  • Ability to install the Add-on with over 60 Add-on
  • Gesture by default, Back, Forward, Bottom Page, Top Page, Refresh, Exit, New Tab, Close Tab
  • With Gesture set for bookmarks and sites (hand gestures)
  • Has tabs for easier browsing between pages
  • Easy bookmarks pages to read later
  • The ability to minimize the browser to run other applications.
  • Open Flash files without having to plug Side
  • View web pages in four modes optimized for Android, iPhone, iPad, desktop
  • Import bookmarks from other versions and default browser Dolphin Browser for Android
  • Ability to search in the search engines by talking (Sonar)
  • Easy access to Bookmarks and Add-on by moving left and right
  • Backup browser settings.
  • Store passwords and web pages
  • Sync data with other products
  • Zoom in pages by dragging two fingers on the
  • More than 10000000 times Download from Google Play
  • One of the best free apps the 2011 Journal PC Mags

For those users who use their phone or tablet to surf the web, use a browser that can satisfy all their needs, is very important. That’s why we are looking browser that in addition to high speed, also have excellent security. Dolphin Browser for Android – Browser Dolphin, one of these browsers. With this software you will be able to surf the web at high speeds and can web pages without worrying about security, load.

Dolphin Browser for Android allows you to bookmark pages in the browser will have and can not have pages that now allows them to add here later to read them in mind. The browser (with installed Dolphin Jetpack) support for Flash sites that they used to give to users. You can find banners and Flash (SWF) to run and play. Using Dolphin browser to store the passwords that you enter in your web pages will have. It should be noted that Dolphin Browser sync with different versions of Windows, IOS and also is capable of.

What is Dolphin Jetpack?

Dolphin Jetpack acts as a plugin for Dolphin Browser and can be optimized HTML5 code in web pages load much increase them. This is particularly the sites through HTML5 coding are well visible. Dolphin Jet pack into Dolphin Browser supports Flash adds. Using the Jet Pack you can see on the computer screens in the same way that you set (the Auto-Fit). Dolphin Jetpack for full-screen video playback capabilities to give users better. It also uses the Dolphin Jetpack can have a better experience of browsing through the night because this plugin allows you to modify the pages throughout the night.

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