Avira Antivirus program to protect your system against viruses, unwanted programs and other dangers is designed. AntiVir module contains all the necessary requirements for successful installation of Avira Antivirus is. AntiVir Guard in the background when your computer is installed and operational on your system, such as the installation of the program and copy the file and the module to the scan and the check file Automatically deals. When you rename a file scanning program is not active. AntiVir MailGuard module as a proxy between the application of the it features all the emails sent to you from the proxy passes the virus and unwanted programs from the will be deleted. Other features such as an HTTP proxy software AntiVir WebGuard is that all the ports used for data transfer, review and scans the transferred data as well as check and prevent transmission of the virus or the unwanted your system. This program can be run automatically or by the user application starts to work. Rootkit Detection with the programs installed on the computer and monitor. Other private Syat Shell Extension is a software, which can be directly assisted by a mouse right click on files and directories to be scanned.

A key feature of Avira Antivirus:
– The means to stop the different types of virus
– Ability to scan
– WebGuard module to determine the sites  to
– AntiDrive-by protection against viruses from
– AntiRootkit scan and check installed programs
– AntiPhishing and AntiAd / Spyware
– Ability to quickly remove and eliminate viruses
– And …