For many years the building has become a major traditional racing genre titles in the industry, games have been. Surely everyone has the luxury car style racing sprint and street battles with memories, the name recognizes the Need for Speed ​​series. The collection of copies from 1 to 3 was recognized in the fourth and fifth generations. In the sixth generation, Most Wanted and Carbon year became the best racing games Arcade. But it has long been known for manufacturing and subheads NfS again failed to gain its former popularity. This year, EA plans to release another episode that it might defeat by the Sri eat! But this version is that the Rivals by foreign and independent studio called Ghost Games made great claims to have injected a new speed NfS fans. At first tabloids, it was said that the manufacturer failed The Run Black Box also makes this version, but it was later found that Ghost Games This makes Frostbite 3.0 game with a powerful engine. Welcome to Redview County. Mack Eni, which is similar to the city of Hot Pursuit 2010. In the town of Fairhaven 3 times larger than the previous version, you’ll go looking for his rivals, but it’s your time to choose. Rivals greater initiative in your hands.

By pressing a button so that you can even have your desired climate change. In the various competitions will be Redview County. For example, you’re in a race with 8 other cars at the same time, you can see another race on the same road. The game is very busy and when they become bothersome, such as police presence, spectators will be double. Also, HP makers believe that you would like a copy of the police cars and the pursuit of outlaw drivers pay. In the event of Rivals 2 Trailer E3 this year we saw the first teaser of the latter in Split Screen Co-op shown.

Source: Campus Game