Many people mistakenly think C # is much better than VB.Net language. Even some developers have recently been introduced NET Framework acknowledges that C # is Better than VB.Net. Unfortunately, many corporate executives for as well assume that C # .Net significant advantage compared to VB.Net is not even comparable. In fact, these two languages ​​in terms of features and abilities are no major differences, except that due to inherit properties from C # in C, which allows programmers to directly manage memory. Much of the difference between C # and Visual Basic syntax, it is technically. This means that many features in both languages, but some things are easier done in one language than another. In fact, many of the differences between the two languages ​​in the IDE focused. Using VB.Net to C # Converter is a powerful software can execute commands without an error occurs, Visual Basic code to C # conversion. It’s very easy and quickly you can one-click code written in VB.Net to C # conversion. The software also supports batch convert your files will be stored. The application has an intuitive interface and very easy to work with classic and it is easy for users. The software of all versions 2003, 2005, 2008 and 2010 support.

A key feature of VB.Net to C # Converter:
– Convert code written in Visual C # NET Biscay
– Support for the latest Visual Studio features
– Support a variety of projects including: Win Forms, Web, Class Library, Compact Framework, Console, etc.
– High precision at transforming
– Ease of Use
– The group conversion plans
– Provide a detailed report of what happened during the conversion process
– Compatible with different versions of
– And …