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Update Version 1.04.497 added.

Play Watch Dogs welcome our newest product and company names Ubisoft is expected to bring a revolutionary new computer game on the field. The game is over ninety prize won in different parts of the E3 Expo, critics see it as an amazing game and have introduced a new standard in game development.
You usually do not get your Smart Phone or Smart Phone? You communicate with friends and family, goes on the internet , you can get your messages Czech, world news, check you are doing your shopping, pay your bills, you play and to do all the things listed just a finger or fingers on touch screens. But you can only do with a smart phone to do such things? Do not be a perfect tool to be used as a weapon?
When you work with your daily routine and smart phones do, with each call or Internet connection, a digital refused to leave the place with all the moves you can check this digital footprint, what you have done loyalties and hatreds you found all the information you receive. The only people who use this technology to benefit your work easier and faster soaking, but that can be a metropolitan area network is a great computer. All urban infrastructure by powerful and highly sophisticated operating systems, monitoring and control are. The game guards and surveillance systems, CTOS called. The term is an abbreviation of the central executive system. Almost all of the technologies of the system is responsible for controlling and maintaining key information to citizens.

In this game you will play the role of Eden Pyrs. He is an incredibly smart and resourceful hackers who have been criminal. She lives with corruption in the past, a tragic accident and his family are due to violence. He wants all those who have caused damage to his family’s hunting. You need to be a hacker on all devices that are connected to a municipal system, monitor tool through hacking up people in your.There are security cameras in the city have access. Personal information about your download and you will discover its location. To block enemies can control traffic lights and city transportation system in your hands and …
Your arms off various types of weapons, pistols and rifles, but not limited to the weapons in your hands that much more interesting and bigger weapons in the game are other, because you can as a weapon of great Chicago Use an entirely new way to get revenge on her family.

By downloading activator addons (DLC) you can add a plugin to play the following:

– The Palace
– Signature Shot
– Breakthrough
– Exclusive Missions
– Untouchables
– Cyberpunk
– Dedsec Shadow
– Blume Agent
– Club Justive
– R-33B gun
– MP-412 gun