The latest version of the next-generation operating system Windows 10 and Windows that has just been released and is being replaced by Windows 8.1. Apparently Microsoft has decided to change the Windows 9 is the next generation Windows operating system to Windows 10, Windows 10 will be.

Far-reaching changes in Windows 10 than previous versions of Windows if it is currently not available but details such as «Multi-desktop» or «multiple desktop” Start Menu and Back popular first changes that could be seen, the addition of several Metro and keeping abreast of all the other software together the changes that have been added to the Metro UI.

Windows 10 Windows 8.1 is very similar in appearance but its performance has improved, largely changed the Windows kernel and many problems have been solved Windows 8, Microsoft is offering Windows 10 Windows hopes to be successful again gain XP and Windows 7.

The first preview version of Windows 10 and recently published under the Technical Preview of Microsoft’s official website can also download it.

1. This version is the first preview version of Windows and Windows has been released for testing new features and is not suitable for every day use.

2. Note that this version of Windows with the Mac be drawbacks and disadvantages, and different programs on it to not work properly.

3. This version of Windows only until April 15, 2015 is valid, then it will fail.

4. This version of Windows in a separate edition for companies and corporate organizations reported that the Enterprise Edition is suitable for corporate use.