Dreamfall Chapters is a multi-episode adventure game that tells the story interesting for you. For a time the game world and that specific, limited, and you will float between the worlds that are parallel to each other. One of this world, a world where everything is fully automated with advanced technology integration. The world is not so pleasing that people can be so cold and distant from each other due to the development and frequency of technology and machines eyes see. Otherworldly, fantastical realm of legendary heroes who reminds the epic stories and iconic poses. One of the most interesting points of contrast between these two is the same. Chaos reigned and the other one in order Frmast sentence. People of the world are completely dependent on science and everything to do with scientific rigor, while others explore the world of magic as the most efficient is often used. In this decision, the most important driving factor in the game’s story, because every decision has consequences, consequences that continue the story as you want at will! The game’s main characters, each living in a world that share the same goal and save it from oblivion dreams.