Download Dreamweaver with PHP and MySQL - Learning Dreamweaver using PHP and Mysql

Adobe Dreamweaver is a web design software that Microsoft FrontPage software was able to beat the competition in the market and the market is focused towards web design software. Dreamweaver forMac that edit pages html, asp, php, aspx, css, js, jsp, cf has edited these pages to identify the keywords of the language in the integrated editor makes it easy. By Dreamweaver and Php language and MySQL database capable of designing dynamic web pages, as well as control of information will be inside.

During training in Dreamweaver with PHP and MySQL to basic functionality and key software applications take power.

Headlines training of:
– Understand the dynamic and static content (dynamic & static)
– Add commands PHP web pages
– Set the output variable
– The use of server-side include
– Create custom PHP classes
– Add Zend Framework for PHP Installation
– Create a MySQL database
– Add the information in phpmyadmin
– Set structure Records
– Dynamic data formatting
– Create data entry forms
– User Authentication
– Development and implementation of a dynamic site
– Installation
– How to choose the applications and database servers
– Install WAMP server on Windows
– Management PHP code
– Ykrbndy a test server PHP
– Use custom PHP
– Create and manage reusable code through the Snippet panel
– Add data to the database by PHPMyAdmin interface.
– How to display records the number of SQL commands result
– Server-side data management
– Synchronize data on a remote server site content
– Export (Export) of the MySQL database with PHP script
– And …