Play Dying Light is an action game in which you must try to survive and keep their lives from the evil zombies. Zombies that are scattered throughout the city and there are not low at all. Unlike many games that are stylistically similar to this game, this game is a first person perspective and certainly increases the excitement of the game. The game world is designed as an open world, a great city, full of danger. You have now entered the sure that someday those living in other people, and in this way to provide the resources needed to survive. Residents of these homes have no assets because it is unknown virus has become organisms that insatiable desire for human flesh, and nothing prevents them not to get food! In the days to the amount that you are able, get supplies and equipment together. Because to go into the dark and rise night, you’ve become a victim! As evening strength and appetite are more zombies than days are very wild! In addition to the normal zombies, night of governance that is more dangerous than a herd of zombies! A nocturnal hunter who comes out at night to hunt from her nest to feed themselves!
The game has received over fifty awards and has been in various areas!

The first package installed plugins active, the following extensions are added to the game:
– Plug the original game called Be the Zombie (Zombie Bash) is a new story line and adds additional steps in the game.
– Other Games plugins to add new weapons or clothes to play, have been designed and are listed below:

– Punk Queen Weapon
– The Constable Weapon
– Wrench Kiss Weapon
– Alienware Outfit
– Buzz Killer Weapon Pack
– Night Club Weapon Pack
– Ninja Outfit
– Nvidia Outfit
– Razer Outfit
– Special Agent
– Techland Outfit
– The Lacerator Weapon Pack
– Urban Explorer Outfit