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Marketing involves understanding customer needs and matching products to meet those needs and in the process include profitability for the company. Successful marketing requires the right product at the right time and the Mac where appropriate and ensure that the customer is aware of the product, thereby future orders. In fact, marketing is a strategic activity and a way to focus on the outcome of efforts to attract more consumers to buy your product more often.
Promote your Internet due to cost persistence of high and inclusive growth at the same time being means of information and public relations has opened a special place among advertisers. Non-stop day and night of it and the changes made to date on this type of advertising, especially when companies are facing difficulties in terms of financial resources is clearly highlighted.
In the course of teaching the basic concepts and principles Educator Internet Marketing Intro you learn internet marketing.

Headlines training of:
– Introduction to Marketing Internet of (E-Marketing)
– Tools for Internet Marketing
– Tags SEO (SEO)
– Domain names and landing pages
– Page rank Link Exchange
– Maps site and Robot Txt
– Create a personal Facebook page
– Create a special page on Facebook
– Use Twitter for Internet Marketing
– Use Spreading Twitter
– Use LinkedIn
– Use Pinterest
– Use YouTube
– network popular social
– The role of text messages in Internet Marketing
– Weblogs
– Introduction to RSS Feeds
– And …