EF Commander is one of the most complex and most reliable software in the field of management of files that can be used by advanced users and beginners. The software for the first time in 1994, under the operating system OS / 2 was written and presented to management for the old DOS program was used. In 1996 the 32-bit version operating systems Windows , Microsoft offered. Usability of the product is very easy and if you’re looking to manage your files this software will benefit.

A key feature of the software EF Commander:
– Easy to use
– Benefit from the user interface with full control over your files and folders
– User interface with tabbed windows
– Quick and easy to view photos and images Thumbnails
– Run files in parallel
– 32-bit multi-threading
– Direct connection through Windows CE PDA
– Record CD and DVD on a Mac software
– Find a picture, video , playback MP3, Ogg / Vorbis, FLAC, WMA and WAV
– Benefit from fast FTP client
– Text and hex editor.
– Benefit from synchronization functions
– User interface in multiple languages
– And the …