The game has added a new version of the plugin Art of War.

The genre Strategy Paradox made ​​by the company. In this game, you are invited to build your empire and focuses on the exploration of new worlds and the indigenous people of America to send. Miran freedom and the spread in this game allows you to send your ships to explore West and discover a whole new world that this is the first time by the company is which gives you the option to discover if the Paradox America will continent out! In fact, in this game you have discovered continent of America, where he built his empire you’re using mechanism of trade, diplomacy, war and began to explore the development and empowerment of America do.

List of plugins available for (DLC) :

– Plug Wealth of Nations: With the addition of the expansion pack to the game world, you can get capital flowing into the coffers drive. One way to achieve this goal is in hiding, there difference between you and your opponents English divisive politics and tradition of the rule and divisive, there run your favor. You can even leave the ship Admiral businesses competing theft and …

– Plug Res Publica: A third expansion pack off the acclaimed new tool to control the people and the legislation puts at your disposal. This new form of government is selectable depending on the details of the new elements added by republic and dictatorship. Also, new ways to explore trade and added to the game.
In addition to the original game and the add-on package has been widely Res Publica, there are twenty-three other plug at the top of some of them is named.

– Plug Art of War: With the addition of the plugin content in the game you will travel back to the time when the church was responsible for creating war and chaos for thirty years. Additional content focuses on the style of the game perfectly placed on war and weapons to become the main resource. Army and Navy optimal control system is an improvement that comes with the plugin.

List of other plugins available for download (DLC) game:

100 Years War Unit Pack
American Dream DLC
Colonial British and French Unit Pack
Conquest of Constantinople Music Pack
Conquest of Paradise
Conquistadors Unit pack
Horsemen of the Crescent Unit Pack
Muslim Advisor Portraits
Muslim Ships Unit Pack
National Monuments
National Monuments II
Native Americans Unit Pack
Native Americans II Unit Pack
Purple Phoenix
Songs of the New World
Star and Crescent DLC
Trade Nations Unit Pack
Winged Hussars Unit Pack