Evernote can be one of the useful  you can convert it to use a different program to record the memories or notes. This software provides an environment for you to be able to easily import, organize, search, and  a variety of blue notes, review materials, such as excerpts from Web pages, documents,, passwords, phone messages, etc. . Be. Evernote unique feature that distinguishes this group is made ​​up of other applications, the  text or write it into the description of an  and then searching photos based on specific text has been written. You will be able to Khahyd text notes and save them in various formats endless series of virtual paper for you. For example you can use this software to take photos of the products in the stores and their data will be stored in the side or the participants in a conference with the photo of your name tags.

A key feature of Evernote:
– Drafting and associate (link) to a particular source, such as tables, long text, and …
– Support for multiple formats of text, web pages, , handwritten notes, photographs, part of a document, digital and special reports
– Various methods for navigating between notes
– The notes that grouping
– Supports drag & drop
– Recognize handwritten entries
– And …