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Training course Excel 2013: Pivot Tables in Depth added!
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Microsoft Excel (Microsoft Office Excel) spreadsheet software has all the main characteristics. The table consists of rows and columns using the data and organize information, as well as using the same data, calculations, and also using the drawing functions and charts, the statistical analysis of information. The program for the math (with the ability to perform difficult mathematical calculations) by means of charting and graphics to be used.
The courses teach you the basic functionality of Excel 2013 and key software will learn powerful applications.

Topics Education of Excel 2013 Essential Training:
– Excel, and what is it used?
– Use menus
– Work with the date and time
– Create a simple formula
– Formatting font , the size of rows and columns, borders, etc.
– Insert shapes, arrows and Graphics
– Add and delete rows and columns
– Hide Data
– Work with content and columns, including displacement, copy, etc.
– Sort and filter data
– Print the worksheet
– Secure your workbooks
– Track changes
– And …

Topics Advanced Formatting Techniques:
– Adjust font, Border and color cells
– Setting texts
– Determination of indentation Information
– Set specific formats for date, time, phone number, zip code and …
– Conditional formatting data
– Apply styles and themes
– Set the row height and column width
– Add wallpapers
– Outlining and creating headlines
– Print documents
– And …

Topics Data Validation in Depth:
– Testing whole numbers and decimals
– Use the incoming messages box
– Sequencing and paste lists
– Create lists multitiered
– Set the time and date restrictions
– Limit the length of text
– The data validation rules
– Inputs for uniqueness
– And …

Topics Working with Dates and Times:
– Sorted a few key
– Filter field of single and multiple
– Create a list based on the percentage or number sorting
– Set subtotals
– Create multiple fields based on filter criteria
– Create a list of unique (non-repeating data)
– Remove Duplicates command
– Find duplicate data with special arrangements
– The number of unique items list
– Use SUMIF and COUNTIF functions
– Working with database functions, such as DSUM and DMAX
– Lists conversion tables
– And …

Topics Managing and Analyzing Data:
– Introduction to Excel records the time and date stored
– Take a standard date and time options
– TODAY and NOW Functions
– Custom date format
– Use keyboard shortcuts
– Extension of time for 24 hours
– Calculate the difference Date
– Calculate days a week
– Work with holidays
– Validation dates
– Convert formatted date data available
– And …

Topics include Charts in Depth:
– Choose the correct graph
– Choose the correct data to show in the chart
– Quickly create a chart with Quick Analysis tool
– Choose a layout for charts
– Change the location data
– Work with cells Hayden (hidden cells) or empty
– Move and resize charts
– Add labels (label) information.
– Analysis of available data and future data according to trendlines
– Add a hint symbol (eg arrow)
– Work with a variety of specialized charts: Gantt charts, Pareto and frequency
– Create dynamic charts
– Print & Share Charts
– And …

Other training courses:
– Delete data restructuring Excel files
– Financial analysis: Introduction to Business Analysis
– Financial analysis: analysis of the top line by Excel
– Financial analysis: analysis of the last line by Excel
– Techniques and tricks in Excel 2013
– Early education (Data-Mining) in Excel
– Features Power BI
– Analysis of data in Excel: forecast
– Create Excel Power Pivot and Power View Dashboards
– Create a database in Excel 2013
– Work with macros in Excel 2013
– Introduction to the PivotTable in Excel 2013
– Functions and Formulas in Excel 2013
– And …
– And …