In one of the best simulation racing Formula One races, with a turbocharged monsters to tame and enjoy the competition! In this all the cars, drivers and tracks of the famous Formula 1 World Championship are at your disposal. Racing cars and tracks in the game are beautiful and very realistic simulation of real driving players to feel closer to them. In addition to the tracks included in the previous version, some new tracks on the 2014 version of the game that can be added to the track like a new resort in the Russia, Austria, Germany and are the of the Bahrain. Evaluation system new player, you play the game with the peer to get more enjoyment from the game. Also added a new level to the game that the name is very simple and is designed for those who are novices! The makers of F1 2014 have also been thinking about professional players and the game has a problem where the real hard Formula 1 drivers that may lead to the challenge.