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Falling Skies – Aliens Attack game

When foreigners to acquire land and destroy the human race are descended towards the planet, a small number of courageous people resistance group formed to defend the world against the big rush. Among these heroes arise who fear into the hearts of occupants as well. They are the last hope of earth should prevent the total destruction of humanity. The resistance group led by the  is now. Aliens are high firepower and equipment have also benefited from their being deprived of the small resistance group. As a result, they must be smart, ambushes and hand the tactics used by the aliens who can dominate. In addition to completing the main game there are many steps that you have to  it would upgrade your weapons and the subjects with the best equipment arms. 

Falling Skies Screenshot 1 Falling Skies Screenshot 2 Falling Skies Screenshot 3 Falling Skies Screenshot 4 Falling Skies Screenshot 5

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