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FileMaker Pro Advanced you have all the tools to manage, customize and share their databases and information you need. To give. You can use your databases with all the professional features you need in a professional environment, intelligent building and protect it with a high safety factor.

A key feature of FileMaker Pro Advanced:
– The Mac uses the 30 pre-designed solutions and quick access to desired results
– Customize the database by adding a company logo, change the background color and …
– To define the access to the software via the web
– Ability to put the URL
– Dummy menu: Create, modify or delete specific menu items or entire collections menu.
– Identify the specific dummy menus to display while using iOS devices
– Several performance, you can make your own performance, copy, or send it to all your FileMaker Pro database.
– Create or edit database by importing multiple tables at once
– Manufacturer Kiosk, build applications that are invisible in all menus
– Full reporting on all elements of database design Dah
– Troubleshooting script refers to problems in the areas of script and Script Trigger
– And the …