In the past when they wanted to film else (other than the film that was being displayed) to  to the end of the film loop showing a short movie that contains scenes of an ad glued to the film. Since switching to the latest promotional film reel film reel, so the problem can be attached to the tug becomes film. Trailer has been called the same thing (the word means a trailer or tow the trailer). The trailer played was that those who go to the cinema be persuaded to go to the movies again for the next movie. But after a while, those who were involved in the marketing and advertising films and found that if the first trailer of the film will also play most of their work and a large number of it for viewing in the film is one bored cinema to see another film before and advertisers. The first trailer for the short film, but its name is still just a piece of a movie trailer remained .trylrhay old who had been pasted together, but these days it can be said that every movie trailer converted into a work of art and now There are certain that they are just making a trailer for the film.

FilmSpirit Karbrdyst program that allows users to their own video, make professional movie trailers. In fact, this is a tool that is fun and easy for you to it, making short films, comedy, romance or drama will provide. The software has several templates that users can build movies to choose your favorite one. The software also drag and drop video files into the software and you can comfortably supports your desired video files into the software and put it into a film career convert.

A key feature of the software FilmSpirit:
– Short films from Hollywood
– Real-time preview
– The availability of several themes Trailer
– Support Drag and Drop
– Easy to use
– Ability to save projects
– Several templates