Download Flash Professional CS6 Essential Training - Training for Adobe Flash Professional CS6

Adobe Flash (Adobe flash) or simply Flash, software for the production of game two-dimensional, movies, and dynamic applications of the Internet of the Flash Player (Flash Player) running.
Flash technology by Macromedia (Macromedia) was founded in the web world with the purchase of Macromedia by Adobe (Adobe) a trademark of Adobe introduced.
The building of flash files (Asdblyvaf (SWF)) as a vector (Vector-Base) is Akshnaskrypt language content and objects (Object) of the control and command.
Simply control the content and information, graphics and great flexibility, the pandemic has caused it.Today, over 90% of computers connected to the Internet Flash Player, active and installation.

During the training the software Adobe Flash Professional CS6, you can learn basic and powerful software key.

Headlines training of:
Select the type of document
Work with panels and workspaces
Import graphics, vector and bitmap to a project
Understanding the timeline and frame rate
– Define frames and keyframes
Create buttons, graphics and movie clip symbols
Nesting time
The building and tweens motion tweens
The definition of a reverse movement (IK) movement
The use of filters, blend modes, and mask
Integrated audio and video
Using ActionScript code
Publication of the SWF and HTML configuration settings
Publish with AIR