Download FlashFXP v5.2.0 Build 3910 - Software FTP and FXP connections

Software FlashFXP is a powerful and popular program to connect to the network are FTP and FXP.Intuitive and user-friendly software environment FlashFXP that the Mac will provide it for you with just a few clicks to run all your commands. Drag & Drop functionality in this application provides the ability to easily transfer files from your PC to an FTP server, or between two servers they manage and communicate directly.
With this software, you simply place the update site, you can file on your corporate server to downloadphotos or files from the Internet to download them using the browser’s complex and problematic FlashFXP do help.
Also, it makes it possible to switch between FTP FXP two different sites interact with files exchanged between them.

Key features of the software FlashFXP:
– More support from UTF8
– Zlib updated components to version 1.23
– Improved runtime, the program runs 30% faster
– Use of technology to better manage memory FastMM4
– Improved search options
– Added new languages
– Fixed bug in the PWD Command
– Update component of Open SSL to version 0.9.8
– Fixed the ALT button in Windows Vista
– Support MLSD
– And…