Chinese is one of the languages ​​used in the world, dating back to over 1,000 years and is now also in many East Asian countries, including languages ​​and more than 1 billion people in the world speak the language, the language of Mandarin ( Mandarin) at the close of education is the most widely spoken Chinese in Beijing (capital of China), and at least the native language spoken by 730 million people in China.
Key Features Software Fluenz Mandarin:
– Learn the basics of Chinese language
– Learn mac call and Chinese Grammar
– Engage the user interacts with the teacher
– To give confidence to the learner
– Enjoy learning
– Simple and easy user interface
– Have a regular program of training 

Further description of the training package italian Fluenz Mandarin:
1. This package is designed for those who are familiar usual in English, as the teacher training package and speak English as a word meaning, while the package originally developed for English speakers is So if you are not fluent in English may not be set up much more robust than this.

2. The package is offered at 3 levels, each designed for a specific purpose and comply with the utilization of each package is necessary.
Each package includes a training DVD includes videos and other educational items.
This package contains a total of 90 sessions, each of which is two and a half hours. 

First level – Fluenz Mandarin 1
As education, elementary education and ability to speak basic Chinese

Application: Suitable for surfing the Chinese-speaking countries (Hong Kong, China, etc.) and do things like shopping, going to restaurants, airports and train stations, bus and taxi drivers interact, hotel reservations.

– The actions of the present and future
– Grammatical sentences
– Interrogative sentences
– Male and female names
– Attributes
– Pronouns and possessive
– Familiarity with prepositions
– Counting up to 999.999 hours and expression

Second level – Fluenz Mandarin 2
Training as a strong foundation of Chinese language and gain the tools to engage more seriously

Application: Sort itinerary and appointments friendly, simple administrative tasks, planning, entertainment in the city, go to the doctor, hospital, shopping in stores.

– The actions of the past, present and future
– Important irregular verbs
– Article and object pronouns
– Introduction to reflexive verbs
– Characteristics and excellent detail
– Use of prepositions
– Advanced use of male and female names

The third level – Fluenz Mandarin 3
As education, communication, deep to the world

Application: office and home affairs, rent apartments, houses, family discussion, talk about the education and employment, talking about the weather, advanced planning and Klasyha with friends, shopping and restaurants in the complex interaction.

– Advanced reflexive verbs
– Irregular verbs in past and present times
– Inflect verbs present continuous
– Direct and indirect object pronouns advanced
– Conditional verbs and predicates types
– Common conversational phrases
– Advanced use of prepositions
– Express opinions and User Preferences

1. Last edited version currently presented by the compa

ny Fluenz F2 is, if the program is updated, this post will be updated.

2. The training package on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 does not work and you need to run Windows XP or Vista or 7 of use.

3. The package does not crack, but a company official Image data files are locked, so please read the installation instructions carefully.

4. Each level is separate from the other levels, which means you can use any level you like and do not need to download all 3 levels of NO.

5. The first and second level in the form of a DVD package offered by the company. And the sum of two numbers is DVD.