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Usually all active users computer for any activity (design, programming, paperwork, etc.) are concerned with different texts, for example, the Mac may be necessary in some cases, the font of the / system add / remove, Looking for a different way to display your text with font changes in design and …. This familiarity with the necessary fonts, the source and the general principles of recognition, organize and manage fonts for Windows and Mac as well.
During the training, the Font Management Essential Training with a variety of fonts, font access Vyndz and Mac operating systems using Windows programs or software other learn to manage and organize fonts.

Headlines training of:
– Font What?
– Meet with a variety of fonts, TrueType, PostScript and OpenType
– Use web fonts (web font)
– Activate and deactivate fonts
– Install fonts
– Use the Mac Font Book or Suitcase Fusion
– Choose Software Font Management
– Identify fonts
– Make fonts in InDesign
– And …