Free Download Manager or FDN one of the ‘s powerful management  with an interface that is clear, specific and easy way to manage downloads from thewill be very useful for you. Soft 100% sure the FDN and open source software under GPL license. Free Download Manager all the features that you expect from a robust download manager software that is provided for you to download torrent between them, and end of the timing downloadable Showing files Download Video flash optimize internet speed, support for BitTorrent protocol, etc. mentioned. Besides all the features mentioned, FDN By splitting the files into several parts and downloading download each individually, will increase download speeds by up to 600 times.

Key Features Free Download Manager:
– Support for BitTorrent
– Management Upload
– Flash Video
– Preview audio / video and convert them
– Speed ​​Download
– Download the report fails to
– Intelligent management for download the schedule
– Has a Site Explorer that allows you to view the directory structure of a website for you.
– Web pages with HTML Spider to download one or all of the
– Download all the files specified by extension from a website
– Download multiple files
– Ability to download a ZIP file of
– And …