Free Studio software is free DVDVideosoft companies to unify all multimedia applications and the developers of the program. The software has a beautiful and user-friendly interface that is easy for users of Mac 8 of the Access to YouTube, MP3 & Audio, CD-DVD-BD, DVD and Videos, Photos, CellPhones, Gadgets Apple, and provides 3D not. This unique program includes tools download , player, rip and burn the CD. As a result of using this software you can easily your favorite video and audio files in various formats from the Internet and then download the desired format or go to the other has become multimedia transf_ned you. Other key features of this powerful software can be used to edit video and audio with minimal time and effort, youtube downloader, capture video and audio from Skype, video and music uploading to YouTube and Facebook, create videos and photos 3D, Convert DVD movies to other formats and so on.

A key feature of the software Free Studio:
– Download videos from YouTube and convert them to MP4 and MP3 formats for PC, Apple devices, Android devices and Windows
– Convert video and audio files between different formats for devices that run on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Windows and Android
– Edit video and audio with minimum time and effort
– Capture video and audio from Skype
– Music video upload to YouTube and Facebook
– Burn and Rip the DVD and audio CD
– Video recording and producing images that are
– Construction of 3D videos and photos
– Screensavers (Screen Savers)
– Convert DVD movies to other formats
– Convert video to Flash format
– Convert AVI, 3GP
– Convert video formats to audio
– Convert audio files to Flash
– Compatible with different versions of Windows

– And …