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Version Control Software (SVC) to control and track changes in the information unit involved in creating a software program implies that the same information can include source files, directories, make files, software objects and so on. Source control is important, especially in a place that few programmers want to work on shared resources. In this case, the concepts such as comparison, combination, are the source of interference and the control should be the perfect solution for each offer. Today, commonly used software tools for the job. However, there are still companies that the old method, such as a text file in any folder, hard copy and use them.
In the course of learning the basics of swimming in the Fundamentals of Software Version Control software version control (SVC), the management of the development process and methods of Mac Erie members and … you know.

Headlines training of:
– Compare centralized systems (centralized) and distributed (distributed)
– Save changes and track history
– Use revert or rollback
– Work with tools GUI (user interface graphics i)
– The use of IDE and shell integration
– Installation of various systems
– Create a repository
– Encryption
– Branching and merging code
– Choose a version control system software properly
– And …