Download Git Essential Training - Training Gate, different versions of a program management software
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Gate (Git) is a free and open-source software distributed source code management whose main objective is to speed up the development of new versions and maintain different versions of a project. Gates was the first to develop Linux by Linus Torvalds. Each tank has a proper history of changes made ​​to working with the need to access the network or there is no central server. The base folder for each project is managed using Gate directory called git. (The git) that all information related to the project (History, labels, etc.) within the keep. This structure is unlike that in any subdirectories of a directory structure of subversion svn. (The svn) is. The files in the folder git. There are, config, which keeps the settings in your tank.

During the training, the Git Essential Training with basic functionality and key software applications take power.

Headlines training of:
– The history of version control
– Installation of Git on Mac , Windows and Linux
– Initialize a repository (repository)
– Write messages helpful
– Understanding Git tree architecture
– Follow the files are added, edited, deleted or displaced
– All of the changes and compare versions
– Cancel the changes back to the previous version
– Create and work with their code branches
– Integration branch code
– Changes Stashing
– Work with and hosted repositories hosted repositories
– Development Workflow
– And …