For the first time in the mid-1960s, the United States began work on the first GIS. In this system, the imageof the air, Information agriculture, forestry, soils, geology and relevant maps were used. In the 1970s, advances in science and the MAC Access to computer technologies and techniques for working with spatial data, GIS or (GIS), providing for the analysis of large volumes of geographic data was formed. In recent decades, due to the development of computer technology, geographical information systems maintenance to update the reference data and the possibility of combining the data sets are made effectivelyand. Today, GIS for scientific research, management and planning of development resources to be handled. GIS (Geographic Information Systems) or GIS is a computer system for the management and analysis of spatial data and the ability to collect, store, analyze, and display geographic information (spatial) images. Hadryk data (GIS) based on their positions are shown. GIS technology to gather and synthesize information from a conventional database, by using visualization and geographic analysis, provides information to the maps.The information in order to more clearly show the events, anticipated results and maps are used.

Software Global Mapper is one of the most widely used in science, mapping and GIS. This application is easier than other programs and GIS mapping. This software is designed by Global Mapper.

The important features of the software Global Mapper can display raster and vector formats for different types of databases, the Mac that download data from a GPS device and the use of online systems show the person carrying the GPS on maps, providing connectivity and direct access to free resources satellite data such as Landsat data and SRTM topographic data as well as downloading it from the respective sites allow editing and storing data in a format different software and the possibility to produce three-dimensional data and display it in different angles of the areas noted.
Key Features Software Global Mapper:
– Data entry software (shp and dwg and ecw …)
– Custom software configuration
– Layered information
– Drawing, search, coordinate measurements, distances and areas are
– Conversion of coordinate systems
– The DEM file
– Three-dimensional
– Merge the two together
– Curve of
– Develop profiles along the length of an arbitrary
– Calculate the height of border security in the Fresnel zone
– Calculate the volume Earthworks
– Receiving satellite images and maps of the Internet
– Zhyvrfrns images
– Communication with handheld GPS device
– Export and convert maps from other formats
– Compatible with different versions of Windows
– And the …