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Google AdWords (Google AdWords) ad next to Google search results pages to be displayed (at the top of the results, right or when the results of a small text ads shown) are created. AdWords advertising capabilities to display only text ads or ads on the search results page to the Web and much more diverse and wider. AdWords services to customers or Mac it shows that in addition to their site in Google’s ranking algorithm is assigned to them in the search results are displayed, to sites in the first page of Google search results Users who search for websites that are relevant to business and to the short advertising in various formats to the display.
During the training, the Google AdWords advertising system applied to the key concepts and learn.

Headlines training of:
– Basic familiarity with google adwords
– Introduction to advertise online your
– Understanding the advantages of advertising adwords
– Understanding the types of ads provided by Google
– Words and expressions used in this advertising system
– Meet the requirements of advertising on Google
– Start working with the system
– Introduction to Mac ‘s display advertising
– Understanding the structure of ads
– Create an account
– Select a payment method
– Navigation interface google adword
– Familiarity with the interface of this software
– Introduction to the account in the system interface.
– Learn about the billing software updates
– Start the first campaign
– Organizing campaign in your account
– A review of the campaign features the system
– Build a campaign using default options
– Customize Settings campaign
– Specify the location and language ads
– Introduction to set ad display devices
– Select the method of sending
– Add business location information
– Set options on
– Create an ad group
– Understanding the structure of the campaign
– Build text ads
– Making Video Ads
– Understand and create mobile ads
– Add desired keywords
– Connected to both groups of key words
– Based on the experience gained to improve ads
– Learn the rules of construction effective advertising
– Making the rules more effective video ads
– Writing effective ads
– The ability to insert dynamic ads
– Advertisements test tools
– Searching for the best keywords
– Estimates keywords
– Understanding of coordination between keywords
– Learn how to use negative words in advertising
– Estimating a keyword
– Use the tools available to identify the best keywords
– Understanding the degree of quality and auctions
– Understand how auctions
– Understanding of quality
– Introduction to the problems of quality score
– With regard to network display your ads on the Internet
– On the google display network (gdn)
– Estimate the efficiency gdn
– The use of the site and category campaign
– Follow the performance of ads
– Understanding of conversion
– Understanding conversion tracking
– Install conversion tracking code
– Learn the basics of adwords reports
– Use a combination of google adwords and google analytics
– Introduction to the objectives of landing
– Learn how to prevent visitors from leaving sites
– Comprehension landing page
– Optimize Website Traffic
– Understanding the concepts of market share
– In connection with a traffic estimator
– Optimize conversion
– Define objectives and calculate the return on investment
– Use conversion optimizer
– Working as by adwords editor offline
– Understanding the adwords editor
– The use of adwords editor
– Redundancy there
– Use the tool to display ads and diagnosis tools
– Learn how to identify problems Keywords
– And …