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GTA Liberty City Stories v1.9 Mode Apk + Data Download

Very nice game GTA: Liberty City Stories

Another popular game series Grand Theft Auto

Official product label Rockstar Games

Excellent professional graphic designer details

Super fun gameplay exactly in the style of GTA games

The regular version + version + mode data files

Buy with a price of $ 3.99 with a volume of nearly 2 GB

Note: The hardware requirements to run the game properly and at least 2.5 GB of internal memory is enough.

GTA: Liberty City Stories GTA series of games or Grand Auto Theft is that for the first time in October 2005 officially released by Rockstar Games. Japanese company Capcom Producer responsibility release of the game in the Resident Evil series of games was placed. GTA: Liberty City Stories for the console PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PSP from 2005 to 2008 was released. After years of waiting and repeated requests, Rockstar Games decided to port the game to the mobile operating systems. The porting process lasted nearly 1 year and eventually played GTA: Liberty City Stories in February 2016 officially released for Android and iOS platforms. APK TOPS associated with the introduction and review this game to be controversial.


Features :

  • Excellent graphics and high detail
  • Professional and fully three-dimensional design
  • Open World and excellent design system according to ambient textures
  • Professional and very fun gameplay from the third person view
  • Story content
  • Ability to use different vehicles (cars, planes, helicopters, etc.)
  • Walking, running, jumping and …
  • The ability to use different weapons
  • Customizable characters
  • Perfect lighting and shading
  • Exciting characters.
  • There are efficient map
  • View demos ranging between steps
  • There are virtual controls simple but functional and comfortable
  • It supports game controllers and physical pads


Introduce and review the game GTA: Liberty City Stories:

GTA: Liberty City Stories is one of those games that owners of mobile operating systems like Android and iOS supply it to rejoice. The game was released in 2005 when the Games were growing trend of mobile operating systems, its users each year waiting for their devices that over the years, and neglect were Rockstar Games frustrated users. But GTA: Liberty City Stories in silence by Rockstar Games for Android and iOS was released in February 2016. The move is considered to be the creators of a surprise. Although before the game’s release, the news had leaked, but no reliable news has not reached the ears of some time before release.

Mobile version of GTA: Liberty City Stories is exactly the same as the original game in 2005 for the console PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2 and PSP was released. This version of the game has been ported version of the original version, but it helps to know that minor changes and improvements for the graphics in the game are considered. The result is very satisfactory. Game GTA: Liberty City Stories has great graphics and excellent optimization and console games adds to the feeling you experience. Especially if the game is stronger on devices with higher image resolution via DLNA or HDMI in Tlvyvzyvn like QHD and a new generation with a physical gamepad experience! In this case, probably can barely notice the difference with the version of the Console. Overall, the graphics mobile version of GTA: Liberty City Stories PlayStation 2 and PSP a little better than it looks.

Game GTA: Liberty City Stories GTA series revolves around the evil gangsters like other games in South America this country. In GTA: Liberty City Stories as its name suggests, you travel to a city known for its lawlessness in Liberty City is known. You’re in the role of Toni Cipriani character after a long time hiding the murder of a man, has returned to the city of Liberty City. During this period, the city has changed. Social rules, there is no place in this city and those who manage it are big and dangerous gangs are always quarreling over the ownership of different areas of the city are.

Tony has one of the Ganges, which is managed by a man named Salvatore Leone connected and somehow it works for him. The purpose of Leon like the Ganges, the takeover of the city. Tony is ordered to carry out various missions, to seize Leon and his family in his town. During this mission, you have several characters, including Leon’s wife (Maria) and Tony’s mother listened. Each mission has a linear story. In GTA: Liberty City Stories like other GTA game series vehicles have a very important role. In GTA: Liberty City Stories can find a variety of cars, motorcycles and even airplanes and helicopters and … enjoy.

Note: The volume of game data files decompress after almost doubled. So make sure that at least 2 to 2.2 GB of free space on your internal storage.

How Maud 1.9 version of the game: to infinity latest in-game currency, SEO steps in the game to load.

Note: The data file name is version 1.9 main.9.com.rockstargames.gtalcs.obb games may rename the data to the called version 1.8, data can be applied to version 1.8 to 1.9.

Image mode version was recorded by APKTOPS of the game

The image recorded by APK TOPS mode version of the game

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