Update to version 1.49.16

You have a game in the style of an endless runner game for the Android operating system are met. Loni Bunny Rabbit Tvnz the popular and well-known personalities in control this time you will be given. Run, dodge move, jump and destroy everything. Also in this game you will be able Lonnie Tvnz other characters such as the MiG MiG-Tvyyty, Bugs Bunny and many others to choose from and play with them. Play a fun and colorful environment, and the graphics are nice benefit. 
– Running and adventure with his childhood cartoon characters
– Adventure and explore the beautiful surroundings Vfantzy
– Achieve a specific goal in each level and unlock new stages
– You can earn points to unlock each character’s unique features and have fun
– Extraordinary powers such as massive explosions, flying superhero with powers and many others
– Song of memories of old cartoons