You are certainly a lot of personal information on your computer that others have access to it in any way worried and do not want your information to be disclosed. Do not worry about it.
With a , Hide Folders you can keep your information totally secret and have the privilege to someone other than you did not use your personal information. This information can include your personal files and drives. With this program you can easily and safely your files and folders you want to protect yourself as much. The even in Safe Mode also protects your files and folders. With just the click of a button you can lock or hide a folder. When the program is in protected mode Recent folder shortcuts are all clean. If the shortcut file in the bin  it was dropped protected. Even the program so that the program is not used after a certain time automated protection apply. The program also automatically protected when Screensaver is doing well in Satand by the Hibernates.

A key feature of  Hide Folders:
– Hide folders, lock and hide folders with lock
– Hide unlimited number of files and folders
– It does not affect the original files and your files to  Transfer not hide
– Access to all protected files and even other User Administrator for  is far
– Protection by password
– Support for 64-bit Windows
– Ability to use shortcuts
– And …