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InDesign FX unique set of projects that have been carried out less than 10 minutes InDesign provides for artists. Mike Rankin in the film short training in teaching methods, creative use of effects graphicsInDesign through examples of fully functional and tangible deals. The software can be set InDesign letters, create styles of lettering (typographic styles), using the tools to fine-tune the placement of graphic elements, the ability to extract data from a variety of formats and automatically adjust the size of columns, boxes and layout used. In addition, one of the fantastic software application apply beautiful effects on different objects.

Headlines training of:
– Construction of the label layer (Peeling Stickers)
– Tricks for effects Text Stroke
– Construction of three-dimensional marks flash
– Create a personalized button
– Simulated leather with Bevel and Emboss
– Create magnifying glass effect (Magnifying Glass)
– Simulation sheets Binders
– Use of multiple effects
– Construction of the bubble represents the thoughts and words of the characters in the picture
– Create interactive buttons
– Making picture frames
– Make the corners of the photo
– Making shadow effects
– Construction of three-dimensional text
– Construction of three-dimensional objects
– Construction of transparent objects
– Simulation of plaster
– Use of multiple stroke with layers
– Work with text Cross
– Adjust text vertically
– Create decorative frames
– Framing photos in letters
– Creating effects using paragraph rules
– Insert the curved shadow on the paper
– Build puzzles
– Create a Marco
– Create text on a curve
– Create a Pattern spiral of random lines
– And …