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The application InDesign has many capabilities in typography and layout can be adjusted from the letters, creating a style of lettering (typographic styles), the tools to fine-tune the placement of graphicson, the ability to extract data from a variety of formats and automatically adjust the size column, and paging cited box. This software program like any other graphic design build Adobe, the ability to create PDF files for simplified preparation process design for print or broadcast on the Internet offers.
During training you with the tools and options related to InDesign Typography typography (Typography) is a powerful software application and learn InDesign.

Headlines training of:
– Introduction to Text Thread and procedures in InDesign Text flow
– Use Copy and Paste in Place
– The choice and combination of Typeface
– Meet with Leading and its relation to Type size and column width (Column width)
– Compare Point Display, Pica and ems
– Make good use of white space and broken characters
– Understanding the finer points about kerning and Tracking
– Work with punctuation, special characters, Ornaments and Ligatures
– Align the text
– Use of standard formats for paragraphs, characters and objects
– Set the indenting
– Create Drop caps
– Avoid common pitfalls
– Set the margins and columns
– And …