Download Infinite Skills Practical Android - Android programming project-based learning

Popular Android operating system and text games , which is now installed on over 80% of smart phone is. So Android developers have always attracted the attention of companies and organizations associated with information technology. Programming for Mobile is also one of the most lucrative areas of programming. On the other hand, this area is very attractive and the learning Android programming can implement your ideas. One method of education or training program and project methods. This course is one of them by training and projects to teach Android programming.
Infinite Skills Practical Android training in the basics of programming with Android, Android programming environment, work activity, working with the Internet, camera and various hardware, work with Web services, service, Handler and notifications and … you know.

Topics Education of Infinite Skills Practical Android:
– Introduction
– Interact with lists
– Dialogue alert
– Working with Web Services
– Action Bar
– Internet News
– Notifications
– Services
– Handler’s
– Notifications
– Fragments
– Google
And …