Download Infiniteskills Learning Cython Training Video - Tutorial programming language Saytvn

Saytvn (Cython) module for Python is a programming language for development. The way it works is that first module programming language with written rules and by extension pyx Saytvn writes. Then one file to install it with Python is that Saytvn calls. Saytvn module translates C. And text conversion module is used by the compiler.

This is a simple example to build a module that can Saytvn words “hello world” print:

hello.pyx #
:() Def say_hello
“! Print” Hello World

During the training the Infiniteskills Learning Cython Training Video you with the basics and learn programming language functionality.
Course topics Infiniteskills Learning Cython Training Video:
01. Introduction
02. launches and trends
03. The first step
04. Check Cython with Jupyter
05. Language Cython
06. variety of formats
07. Books and Home C ++ C
08. compiler directive Cython
09. Syndicate
10 modules and packages
11. Tips, Tricks, and add
12. Conclusion